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Workshops/Lectures and Education!

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Stories from the RED COUCH!

10th March 2019


We are stoked to have been interviewed by the wonderful crew on the RED COUCH.  Such a great production operation and active members of the Food and Agriculture Network.   We're chatting about perennials, unusual edible plants, growing your own vegetables and all the other cool stuff!  The episode went live on the 10th of March ....see you there!  

Gardening Australia!

15th March 2019


This was very humbling for us....the crew came to visit us...filming in our nursery and demonstration gardens!   Wow.  That's special!  We had a great time and even made Costa and the crew some fresh herbal tea and turmeric cheesecake - right from our garden!  Watch the show live on Friday night...or stream it via iView anytime you like!

Ginger Flower and Food Festival

TBA January 2021


We were in this AMMMAAAAZING event in 2020as a presenter this year!  What an honour it was....we'll be sharing the stage with distinguished chefs, Heliconia experts and some legends of the subtropical gardening community.   Our talks covered the 'less common' culinary gingers and their relatives-  plants like Kencur, Chinese Keys and Aromatic Ginger.  Hopefully this iconic event will happen in 2021 and we'll delve into how to grow them and then what to do with the harvest!  Come will be wonderful!

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Cutting and Propagating Workshop our place!

11th April 2021


We are offering our plant and culinary education back at our own location instead of at a giant festival!!   .... so you get to spend the day visiting the nursery on the Sunshine Coast and learning some great tips while you are here.   We'll cover some topics like propagation of rhizomes and gingers as well as some stem cuttings and other 'secret' tricks of the trade!!   Numbers are limited so let us know if you want to come along and we'll save you a spot.  

Edibles and Perennials for Greater Brisbane

15th & 16th May 2021


This is a really cool event...lots of space and plenty of great exhibitors....we're there, of course, with plants for sale, but also planning on giving at least one talk (and trying to go for a cooking demonstration too!) to give Brisbane-ites some ideas of what to grow and then what to do with the harvest!  Come along and have a taste!

Edible Subtropical Gardening

22nd May 2021


This is a new idea for a 3 hour 'class'...basically a garden tour and 'how to grow" session all rolled into a 3 hour event.  The day will include some cooking ideas/lessons and we'll fire up the wood oven and share a lovely lunch!   We are charging a small fee but it will be worth it!  You'll learn heaps and we'll have a great time.

Queensland Garden Expo

9th, 10th and 11th July 2021


We absolutely love this weekend, it's amazing and last year we gave a few presentations on the "Cooks Garden" Stage which were very well attended...we got onstage after the charming Paul West and we thank him for warming you guys up for our plant growing and cooking demonstrations!   On Friday we were all about "Eating your Greens and growing them all year" with a focus on the perennials we love so much.   On Saturday it was covering "Those hard to find ingredients...grow them yourself!"and Sunday it was "Totally Turmeric"- giving growing and culinary advice on this very versatile plant.   Heaps of you dropped by - we'll do tastings at each of the presentations and hopefully have some awesome special guests... Stay tuned and DEFINITELY make sure you come along !

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Some useful and easy to grow edibles for every garden...even if you don't have a green thumb!

 July 2021 TBA


This is a cheeky way to give a 'How to' talk about how easy it is to grow your own food the subtropics!!  So last year (we had Costa on before us which was kinda intimidating, but hey, it was fun!) so we covered how to grow and use a range of edible - and we believe also ornamental - ginger(s), galangal(s), turmeric, and more!  We gave everyone the chance to taste Chocolate Pudding Fruit and some other rare Rollinia and Canistel!    It was fun (and perhaps a bit cheeky!).  So come along to what is a wonderful event in the greater Brisbane area!

Noosa Botanic Gardens   Plant Fair 2020

5th September 2021    9am-3pm


We reckon this is the one of the best venues for a garden event EVER.   Seriously a magical the edge of Lake Macdonald just outside the gorgeous town of Cooroy.  Wow.  We love it here...did we mention that there is an Greek style ampitheatre by the's epic.  Parking is easy and so is the strolling around.


We will be there with some very distinguished fellow exhibitors...don't miss this event.  It's FREE to enter the glorious gardens and wow, you will be impressed by the talks, the plants and the location.    

We're also intending to give a demonstration/lecture/'show and tell' about edible plants AND sitting with some bushfood and native plant experts on a panel about edibles and bush tucker!  How cool is that!?  Come check it out...did we mention it's FREE!?  Whoa. That's awesome.

Brisbane ECO Expo

17th, 18th and 19th September 2021


This is our first time in this event....definitely an incredible lineup for anyone keen on living more lightly on the planet.   There will be products, ideas, lectures and WOW some major legends of the sustainability world at this event.   

We're also presenting cooking demonstrations and plant tastings on both the Friday (all about Greens and other edibles) and the Sunday (all about Turmeric and how to grow it, use it and get into it!), so come hang out!

Come hang out at our stall made from our  specially designed display vehicle....think the FOOD TRUCK of plants.   We reckon we may just be the ONLY plant vendor at the event, but don't let that deter you garden lovers from coming along!   There will be incredible products from compost to food and homewares.   

Oh yeah...we are DONATING 1000 plants to the event which will be given away FREE each day!!  Get there early and take one home!

Tomato Festival! 

September TBA  2021


This was a new event and 2018 and we're excited about it returning in 2021!   Hosted at the Brisbane Botanic Gardens - visitors can expect a diverse and interesting range of speakers/exhibitors and food options....what more could you want?!  Oh's FREE!   So even better!  Last year we gave a talk on "Seldom Seen Solanaceae" to look into some of the more unique and rare culinary plants from this important group.  We'll also have a wide range of plants for sale with an emphasis on members of the Solanaceae.   On Day 2 (Sunday) we did a cooking demonstration all about "Salsa, Soup and Sorbet" - inspiring gardeners (and cooks!) to do some more interesting things with their tomato harvest!!   Come see us and we'll inspire you!

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