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Where to start, eh?!    Basically we have decided to divide our plants into EDIBLES and ORNAMENTALS.  We wanted to call them "Eat Me"  and  "Look at Me" but that seemed a bit too cheeky....  

All the photos are taken in our nursery or demonstration gardens because we love pretty pictures and are fairly sure that you do too!  We also want you to know how well these plants grow and to show off just a little.


Click on the green button to see lists of what we currently have in stock.


These plants are for eating!   We love them for their looks (mostly) but we generally recommend that you eat them.   Many are perennials which live year round and give you not only something to look at but also a nourishing lunch!


These plants are beautiful.   We love them, but you can't really eat them.   Many provide great cut flowers or some wonderful textures /foliage/colour in the garden, but alas they won't end up in your dinner!

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