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Events where you can find us!

Of course you want to get out into your own garden as much as do we, but some times it's worthwhile  jumping into the country and checking out what's going on!!

We take a break from expos and events but we will be GROWING new things during our QLD 'warm weather' season!  We may even be heading around the country looking for new plants!   Watch this space.... and come see us in 2021 and 2022....
Pine Rivers.png
Pine Rivers Garden and Plant Fair

14th and 15th May 2022

This is such a great event, totally relaxed but full of awesome plants!  The weather and soil will still be warm and there will be a huge range of famous garden gurus giving talks and demonstrations, heaps of amazing plants on offer and there should be some great displays of landscaping supplies, inventions, artworks, floral art, clothes, coffee, food, wine, live animals and so much more.

Come hang out at our stall made from our  specially designed display vehicle....think the FOOD TRUCK of plants.   It will be every well stocked with a huge range of plants.  Many of our newest rare and heirloom edible species will be making their debut this weekend, we've been growing them just for this event!  Don't miss it!

LEAF logo.png
LEAF Festival

5 June 2022

This will be the first time we're at this legendary event.   Another FREE one to attend, so get your groovy sustainable outfit on and come check it out!

Come hang out with some legends of the gardening world (Costa and Jerry Colby-Williams are there, as well as great chefs from Green Living Australia and Three Blue Ducks.   We're on the 'Homegrown Cooking Stage at 10:50am, so drop in for a fun demonstration and a few free plants!!

World Environment Day

TBA June 2022

This will be the third time we've been in this great event...the vibes were awesome down at Cotton Tree on the shore of the Maroochy River.   It rained heaps last year, but there are not many other plant you will be able to find us super easily.

Come hang out at our stall made from our  specially designed display vehicle....last time we were right near the incredible Dr Mick from Good Harvest Organics...he's one of the best people we have ever met and he picks really groovy fellow exhibitors to be in our farming / grow your own zone.. There are so many things to come get amongst it.  A free event come along and have a blast.

Queensland Garden Expo

8th, 9th and 10th July 2022


We absolutely love this weekend, it's amazing.   The Nambour Showgrounds come alive with celebrity garden gurus giving talks and demonstrations, heaps of amazing plants are for sale, great displays of landscaping supplies, there are water features, inventions, artworks, floral art, clothes, coffee, food, wine, live animals and so much more.

We are going to in to be in the main marquee area again this year....we've outgrown the Giant Kitchen Garden!  We'll make our stall fit in with the BIG nurseries here....we're planning to put in a Reflection Garden with some themed edible landscape around our exhibit!  )We won the PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD in some big shoes to fill in 2022!) We'll be well stocked with a huge range of plants.  Many of our best rare and heirloom edible species will be at this weekend, we grow them just for this event!  Don't miss it!

Oh yeah...we also are going to be entering an exhibit into the Reflection Garden Competition again (if they'll have us!) building a 6m x 3m edible landscape- with help from our SUPER creative colleagues who make hardscape furniture type stuff.   Come along and vote for us in the "People's Choice Award"!  AND maybe the judges will like us in 2022!

Redcliffe logo.jpg
Redcliffe Garden and Lifestyle Expo

TBA July  2022

We've been in this for two years, and had such a great time....the location was a very nice little Botanic Gardens/parkland setting with some community gardens to visit as well.   Great speakers (including us!) and a range of crafts, food and plant related items.   Some really great vibes close to Brisbane!

Wow, this event really delivers the goods!  Before the COVID chaos that stopped events, they had Costa give some inspiring presentations, and we shared the same stage....bringing tastes of rare and delicious edibles to the Moreton Bay audience!  Awesome.

The range of bespoke products, some live music and groovy sustainablity-minded people like us makes it well worth the small gold coin entry fee!  Be there or be square.

botanicalbazaar2018 cute girls.jpg
Botanical Bazaar   2022

6th and 7th of August 2022  8am-3pm


We think that this event ROCKS!  It is like a garden expo with an arty hip and groovy...oh yeah, there's a BAR with boutique beers and cider.   LOVE that.  (One year we hung out there (once the event was over!) and partied with all the cool garden peeps.   (But that's another story!) 


Seriously, there is a very special vibe at Botanical the Gold Coast/Hinterland and Northern Rivers, of NSW all got together and grew a beautiful baby.  Excellent exhibitors and plenty of shady areas for picnics and frolicking around!  Roving arty entertainment and all family friendly...but also super HIP!

See you there!  PS We are super excited that it's now a TWO day event!!!  And we are praying to the plant gods that Gold Coast Rotary and their team get to do it with us this year because it is AMMMAAAAZING!

Brisbane Organic Growers (BOGI)   Organic Fair 2022

28 August 2022    9am-3pm

We're pretty stoked to be in this event....rather an honour to be amongst the BOGI exhibitors. We'll be rolling down our awesome trailer which is still the 'FOOD TRUCK of PLANTS'...


We will be there with lots of other Brisbane Organic folks...apparently there will be chickens, books, jams, and herbs...sounds pretty good!. 


There are also contests for best produce...with some stunning home-grown items on display.


It's FREE to enter and you will learn heaps and meet amazing, like minded garden people!

Brisbane Home Show

9th - 11th September 2022


This is a huge event in the Brisbane Convention Centre.  There are exhibitors with solar, turf, windows, saunas, tiny homes, fittings, fixtures and SO much more....some famous brands and also emerging technologies are here showcasing what they do.   Last time, we were in ECO TOWN, a unique area with hemp products, composting solutions, raised garden beds and some very interesting products.

We have been previously invited give a daily presentation on the best Brisbane/Queensland/Subtropical plants and techniques for turning your  backyard into  super productive oasis of food and culinary inspiration.

Check it out!

Brisbane Eco Expo

TBA August/September 2022


This a great one...bound to be excellent-with a focus on living sustainably and learning more about how to do it!   Lots of wonderful products and things like tiny houses, eco-friendly lifestyle choices and even organic wine.   

There will be music, speakers, food and way way more.  The venue was the RNA Showgrounds in an indoor venue, which makes it sort of easy to access and shop til you drop!.   What a great spring day out!   

Oh yeah...we were here, we gave some great cooking demonstrations and showcasing a wide range of culinary plants for everyday gourmet use!  Check it out!

Brisbane Garden and Plant Expo

October 2022 TBA


This was one of our favourites before the dreaded COVID came and thrashed the events scene!  And it was great was really a plant paradise....some really great nurseries are showing off their warm weather wares and the other exhibitors run the full gamut of associated products and are there to provide visitors with interesting avenues for inspiration!!

Come hang out at our stall made from our  specially designed display vehicle....think the FOOD TRUCK of plants.   It will be in a slightly different spot from last year, so cruise around and look for us.  This will be our first 'warm weather' event for the 2020 spring season so there are some really wonderful plants that grow best at this time of year...think yacon, turmeric, gingers, loofahs, etc.  Don't miss it!

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