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We love plants!   Did we mention that?   So we grow them, we eat them, we sell them, and we are happy to help you to do all those things too...these are some of the other services we can provide to you!

Boutique Plant Nursery

Our nursery is on just about the only flat portion of our hectare of landscaped gardens and bushland,  We have a parking area at the top of our block if you are adventurous...make an appointment and drop in to browse our plants and get some inspiration and ideas!

Outdoor Structures​

We have a portable saw mill  which we use often and with it we have milled and constructed extensive timber structures using our own hand crafted wood.  We can come to your property and mill fallen timbers into wonderful rustic slabs and outdoor furniture.


We are convinced that there is not enough information there on growing in the subtropics...there are zillions of books about the climate of the more temperate regions of the world but not much (in English anyway) on this very special climate zone.  We give talks/lectures/demonstrations and love sharing what we have learned so far.

Catering and parties​

We love food and sharing.  We also enjoy throwing a party, especially when the guests want wonderful fresh local ingredients from the Sunshine Coast.  We've done lots of birthdays, weddings, dinner parties and functions, so just tell us what you want!


We all know that plants have needs, and that not every plant has the same requirements.  A big part of our demonstration gardens are to see where plants perform best and to give you the best results in your own garden.   Make and appointment and come see! 


We know all about working with challenging conditions and love designing gardens.  We welcome projects and are happy to discuss and deliver on your landscaping needs.

We have constructed many stone walls and steps on our sloping block and although we don't drive the big earth moving machines, we know the guys who do...ask us about your particular needs.

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