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Who we are & What we do...

We have a boutique nursery and extensive gardens where we try all of our plants under local conditions.  Our goal is to be totally self sufficient in our daily vegetables/herbs/fruits and we welcome visitors.  Just make an appointment!

Our Vision

We want everyone to be able to grow and pick their own fresh produce and flowers.​

This isn't just for those with huge amounts of space on their property- because we believe that ANYONE can grow their own!!


From fresh herbs in a tiny pot by the window, to a food forest orchard full of rare fruit trees, we all should take some time out of our busy lives to pick a fresh botanical. It's a whole lot easier than you think!

We offer a wide range of plants, most of which come from subtropical origins. We find that they can grow in a range of conditions, but most of ours are probably best suited to the parts of the country between Sydney and Mackay.

We do have quite a few species which are at the extremes of their ranges so we certainly welcome southerners and northerners alike to have a look!


Enjoy your time browsing our site and either look for edible plants or our expanding range of ornamental species if that is what takes your fancy.

To be honest, we don't think that plants should be stuffed into a box and shipped around in planes and trucks, so ideally we encourage you to visit us on the beautiful Sunshine Coast- or come to an awesome gathering where you will find our pop up stall at markets, garden events, expos and at the annual Queensland Garden Expo.  Next year (2020) the QGE takes place during the weekend of July 10-11-12 in Nambour.  We'll be in the main Nursery area, and we would love to see you there. We are also at a growing range of other expos and events and therefore at least once each month of the year you can find us out and about!

Events & Where to find us

​The chance to visit us!


We are based on the wonderful Sunshine Coast of Queensland- this area is full of boutique producers, growers, great towns and of course the beaches.  It really has something for everyone.  You'll find not only our nursery/garden/plants but also some delicious fresh fruits & vegetables, gourmet products, great coffee and a range of other local items!  So come to visit the fantastic Sunshine Coast!

We are open by appointment and we're also open most every Friday at our nursery on Kiel Mountain Road...near the historic and lovely town of Woombye.

QGE 2020.png

The Garden Expo, Events and Pop up tour!


These are the big ones for us...we show up with a range of our best plants at the moment and we are there to chat with you, offer advice, catch up with existing customers and generally to have a great time!  Without a doubt the biggest gardening event in Queensland for the entire year is the  QGE, but we also go to some wonderful smaller events too!   Of course we will be there, but so will a huge range of other incredible growers/producers/ inventors/ artists/ merchants and speakers.   The lineup for these events is often huge. Don't miss them.

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