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Decorate Your 


With Plants!

About Us

We are all about plants!

Edible plants...culinary plants...

We grow them, we eat them, we love them.


We're pretty sure that you do too...otherwise you wouldn't be here!


Come on into our site and check our our plants and services!!

​Seasonal Plants
Events & Workshops
Our Services

We grow plants- not necessarily the usual suspects...we try to find the special ones...those unique and perfect species that you just don't have yet!

Our nursery is on the Sunshine Coast and we're open by appointment only. 


We'll almost always be open on Fridays from 10am til 4pm!!  But do give us a ring beforehand just to make sure.



Plant Nursery

Demonstration Gardens



Species Selection


Outdoor Structures​

Timber Milling


​Gardening 101-   "Come to meet us in person"


We love sustainable gardening AND we have built a special mobile plant display which we take all around the meet you and to share our range of plants!

We love giving you ideas on how to incorporate these plants into your daily cuisine...(ie HOW to eat them!) 


So join us in 2021 at one of the great garden events that our regions are famous for hosting!!   We'd love to see you there!

​Gardening 102-   "Eating from your Garden"


We are always pretty keen to talk about plants and gardening... and we also love cooking and eating!  


So join us at a range of locations for one of our live lectures or a very special workshops.  We like to theme these around "Eating from your Garden"   We'll always start off with a garden tour - and some of our longer classes include picking our ingredients as we go and then we'll have a cooking class using the produce we have gathered.


Lunch will follow as we enjoy the things we have harvested and made into something special!

Gardening 103 -Plant a Vegetable Patch


It's always a good time to plant some edibles!   Especially here in the subtropics where a very wide range of wonderful plants can grow.


Sometimes it necessary to 'think outside the box' a bit....summertime is for ginger and turmeric...winter for kale and coriander....spring for tomatoes and eggplant.  Autumn for shizo and strawberries....The possibilities are endless!

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